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  1. I have been taking beginner/intermediate ceramic classes in several studios here in the New York City area for about 6 years now. In the beginning I did not really know the issues with dust and how it is for example a big problem to use sand paper on bisque in an indoor environment. I think that the teachers at many of these places are trying to make most people happy, as we are just there to have fun, so issues with dust and silica are not addressed. I currently go to Greenwich House Pottery and it is very dusty right now. There was a long time director that left, the current director stayed for two years and is leaving, and they are hiring someone new now. With management changing, a lot of these issues like dust are not looked at. I might have to look at another studio to go to, but most studio websites in NYC that I looked at don't seem to have clear policy on how to minimize dust. I might have to visit them in person and check how clean they are. At Greenwich House Pottery I see students sanding their bisqware indoors and the teachers don't really say anything. There are also many other issues such as areas that only get moped maybe once or twice a year such as hallways and the basement. Also the area where dry clay is mixed is the same area where students need access to, to store their work. For those of you who go to communal studio and classes how are dust issues addressed? Are there clear policies online and at the site describing issues such as sanding bisqware? Do teachers spend a reasonable amount of time addressing these issues with students? Also does anyone have a recommendation for a clean studio with classes in the New York City area? Thank you, Dan
  2. Greenwich house pottery in Manhattan has slip casting studio and classes available
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