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  1. Thank you very much for the ideas. i'll start with the rolling pin and wood slats. i appreciate the comments!
  2. love the homemade one, i'll shot this to my husband and see if he feels up to the task.
  3. Hello, I've played with handbuilding using a basic kitchen roller (i know its not the right way to do this) and i've decided i love doing hump molds, hand build vases, tiles etc. however using a kitchen roller doesnt make it even. I'm not ready to invest in a slab roller as i do not have the space for it (someday). are there any recommendations for getting an even slab of clay without that tool? and also, what do you use to roll the clay on so that it doesnt get texture or stick. thank you! Christy
  4. cbarnes


    she's not particular... any brush will do.
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