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  1. very cool! gives me some ideas of ways I can turn my sculptures into vessels... Thanks for sharing!
  2. It seems to me that when people make statements like "art is pointless" in a setting where it is obvious that art is your passion and livelihood, it is done with the intent to put you down, and to try make themselves feel somehow more important. They are often very insecure, and use rudeness as a way to empower themselves. I don't have much tolerance for that behavior. I would smile sweetly- acting oblivious that they have just tried to insult me- and tell them that "Oh, well the door out is the one you just came through". I find that people that behave badly like that don't expect a return confrontation and they often apologize and slink away or they totally turn around become ( outwardly at least) quite pleasant. If they were to persist, I would tell them that art makes me happy and makes me smile, and that I hope that something else in life does the same for them , and then walk away to let them think about it !
  3. I have banana slugs that frequent my back porch steps- they are cool! I vote for the Raku one too, he is glamorous enough to sit on my bookshelf -minus the slime trails
  4. This is my first post to the forum and had to post a comment to thank you all. I am one of those newbie "lurkers" soaking up information on this site like a sponge. I have 3 months experience in handbuilding/sculpture and am hooked. I have an unfinished garage waiting to become a studio, a used kiln with a crumbly lid and have recently retired from the scientific world- itching to try my hand at glaze recipes. This forum is amazing. With all the support offered here (and respect for newbies and masters alike), I feel like I might have a chance at building a decent and safe working studio, fixing my crumbly kiln brick and finding some amazing glazes for my future ceramic creations. Thanks! You all are great!
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