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  1. I signed up for the ClayFlicks membership - free trial then a month's paid subscription, but I've been trying to cancel now and have heard nothing back. Emailed & sent the form in from the webpage. I can't make a phone call as I'm in the UK. Has anyone else had problems with this? Any ideas? Otherwise I'm going to have to ask my bank to block further payments. Thanks!
  2. Thank you very much. So, this is my plan: one bucket for 'clean' slurry - pour in the slurry and scoop out water from the top as it settles, and at a certain point, reclaim the clay. Then two additional buckets, one lined with a thick plastic bag. At the end of each session, I can pour any dirty water into the lined bucket (from the other bucket, which I have filled with fresh water). The next session, I can scoop out the clean water from the top of the lined bucket and either re-use (a couple of times) or pour on the grass or flowers (not vegetables!) I think the water should be relatively cl
  3. Thank you - I think I will look into the bucket capture system. I do reclaim some of the clay - it's the table washings etc that I need to deal with - probably 50% dust and spiders webs so no good for recycling! I think if I get a drying tray as well as suggested by Mark C that could work, at least in the summer. I'll be careful not to put anything else down the drains!!
  4. Hi - I'm a hobby potter and work in my garage, which has no running water. Can anyone please help me with how I can get rid of clay and glaze slops without ruining my plumbing or garden. Ie, at the moment I pour a bucket of slops down the drain, or in a corner of my (small) garden, but long term this is not ideal and will probably block my drain! I've searched online but can only find quite complex methods. Is there a simple way to get rid of this waste? (I reclaim the clay - I'm talking about the water from washing down surfaces etc.) Thank you!
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