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  1. Was thinking, could run inside a conduit with all the other cables, or the flex conduit. Would that interfere with the TC signals?
  2. Wall mount definitely will keep the controller and relays cooler but there are a lot of wires to the kiln for a 3 zone system.. Great video posted Bill, Thank you.
  3. Could use these with the heat sink and mount so the heat sink is outside the control box but they are not a double pole relay.
  4. Kicking around the idea of getting rid of the sitter and build in a Genesis 3 zone controller on my Skutt kiln. Looking into solid state relays for a longer relay life span and less issues. Anyone run these on there kiln? I know they cost 3 -4 times as much but if they last it would be worth it. Looking at maybe using there for each zone.
  5. The butter is packed into the bottom and is glazed inside and out except the under side. The top is thrown upside down like a bowl then trimmed and a knob added, It is glazed except for the bottom edge so it can sit on the shelf. I could add a thicker rolled rim on the edge but it is not the look I am trying for.
  6. Thanks Min. I will try and make some " washers" and fire them under the lids, hopefully that will work. Good memory remembering I use M340. I guess reclaim clay would be fine to use for them. I find it does not throw as well but would have no problems making the "washers" with it on the wheel.
  7. I have an issue with the butter dish lids that I make, they will at time warp out of round on a cone 6 glaze fire. The lids can not be fired on the bottoms because I gaze the bottoms inside and out. I try to place the bell lids in the center of the shelf with other items around to help heat from all sides but this does not always work. I was thinking of making some round disks to set the tops on so that hopefully they will heat and shrink the same instead of on a shelf. Can I reuse these disks for several cone 6 firing or would they be problems to fire several times at cone 6. Was also thinking of covering them with a kiln wash encase the glaze creeps at all. Would it help if I had groves in the disk to help hold the tops in shape or would a flat disk be best. Thought I would ask as I am sure someone has had the same issues and found some answers. Here is a pic of the butter dishes before I bisque them assembled.
  8. The only thing I still have to figure out is how to keep more of the trimming off the floor. Built a shield for the wheel that helps but still does not get it all. I see in the above picture the use of a towel draped into the wheel pan, will try that as well.
  9. We do the same , replace the item and ship at no cost to the customer
  10. After 4 years of trimming I purchased a Griffin Gripp and love it. There are things I do not use it for but to me it is worth it. The tabs on the bottom can be finicky to get in the right place but it should be tight on the wheel head and not on a bat. Look closely at the tab settings they are small to read and might need a magnifying glass. Make sure they are all set exactly the same, don't give up on it yet and make it fit the wheel head correctly. Only issue I have had is sometimes when I run the holders all the way in one of the holder jam or get out of line.
  11. B But they sure tried to sell the extra insurance to me. The parcels get handles rough during Christmas time so we don't usually ship around then. Now everyone is buying on line so I will start to package bombproof. Most items now will each get there own box or cardboard around and then boxed together to ship to the customer.
  12. Had 3 orders smashed with Canad postal service in a week, only had 3 orders in 4 years before this. Can't believe they managed to shatter mugs, never had a mug broken before and I wrap them better than ever. Anyone finding a higher rate of breakage with shipping lately?
  13. It is a lid on a 11" casserole.
  14. I scored the lid, that is why the round lines under the knob. Don't know why they are raised, maybe because of the slip. I did throw the knob on the lid after trimming it, scoring it and using slip with magic water . Have done this before and never had an issue, maybe it was not totally dry yet. I does fit back on well, would glaze in the joint like glue not hold it well after a glaze fire at cone 6? Think next lid I will trim a hollow or hole in the knob section.
  15. First time I have had a lid handle come off. Took a look into the kiln this morning and found the handle had come off. Wonder if it did not dry fully because of how far it moved from the centre. What would be the best to attach it for the glaze fire, slip with magic water ( that was on it the first time ) paper clay or just a layer of glaze between? The lid fits so well I prefer not to throw another one. Worst that can happen is it does not work.
  16. The price is right. A motor can be added to most kick wheels, just a hockey puck on the motor drive shaft works. Check out how the Estrin wheel works, that is what I learned on. Just make sure the wheel head turns flat and is not bent or warped. The thing I did not like on a powered kick wheel was stopping it to check the bottom thickness when throwing.
  17. I will fine tune the sitter with a feeler gauge between the claw and drop weight. I find a .006 works most of the time, .004 will fire a little hot. Amazing what .002 clearance setting makes.
  18. Recently I have been considering getting rid of my sitter and install a Bartlett controller. I have a Skutt 1027-3 and would add the controller on to the Kiln. The Genesis with a 3 zone control would be nice in that it has redundancy in case a thermocoupler fails. Was thinking of the Genesis mini but with the $40 more to get the 3 zone option it look like it is worth it. It does not look difficult to change over with a controller, relays and power supply. I like the options that you can have the kiln control your exhaust fan. The sitter has worked ok for me but it sure would be nice to not have to run out there to turn up the kiln and be able to monitor it from the house on my IPhone.
  19. I saw a post you had in January that you purchased a Pacifica wheel   in 1972. I just purchased a Pacifica wheel probably about the same age. The wheel is a GT500, contacted Laguna and they have never heard of a gt500.

    I am trying to find out what hp the motor is and was wondering if you happen to know.

    Thanks   Ron

    1. oldlady


      ron, just saw this, my internet connection has been down. 

      i have not heard of it either.   where are you seeing the number?   i have a 400 and they also offered an 800.  could you be reading 5 for 8?  i bought it from the inventor who sold the business to laguna years later. 

      if it is on the motor, i would have to crawl under the table to see any numbers.   where should i look?   i can use a mirror to see what might be visible  underneath.    just looked with a mirror.  it is very hard to see the label and it is placed where it is almost impossible to read.

         i think i remember it was a half horse. 


    2. ronfire


      Well just blew up the controller , yes it is a gt500. now I with I kept my Estrin wheel.


  20. Try to find the information plate and place a photo of that as well. It will have make, model and amps as well as other information.
  21. What about spinning up the head and sanding of filing it true by removing the high spots. You could brace a file on the splash pan to keep it steady.
  22. Was wondering what size heat resistant wire you are using and what size kiln?
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