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    Thank you High Bridge Pottery, it's just commercial underglaze; I draw the image onto lightweight paper and then transfer the drawing onto leather-hard clay.
  2. From the album: first album

    another too dark picture. Sorry.
  3. From the album: first album

    An example of custom work: Client asked for sisters sitting on a dock feeding ducks. Sorry this picture is so dark
  4. CarolynB

    bee mug

    From the album: first album

    glazed inside and lip, outside is a light wash of an oil spot glaze
  5. From the album: first album

    playing with color pattern and texture, cone 6, Amber celedon, slate blue and black underglaze
  6. All of my forms are made with either Georgie's G-mix 6 or Georgie's Trillium Porcelain. Image is carved into a layer of black-brown underglaze. After the bisque I typically stain the decorated area with a dark glaze. I'm experimenting with clear glaze thickness, some pieces have glaze barely brushed on while others have several layers of glaze. I use commercial glazes.
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