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    Thank you High Bridge Pottery, it's just commercial underglaze; I draw the image onto lightweight paper and then transfer the drawing onto leather-hard clay.
  2. I've only been using the Wonder Bat system for about 6 months and so far,so good. The inserts are pretty thick and I haven't experienced any warping. The inserts do fit tightly and I have to use a butter knife to gently pry them out of the holder. I recently added 6 more inserts to my collection and they seem to fit better with the master bat. -Carolyn
  3. Post show update: I felt well prepared walking into the show thanks to all of your wonderful advice. I was a bit surprised to see that my booth was actually 6.5 x 7.5 so I made a few last minute changes to work with the smaller space (it did get a bit crowded if more than two people were in the space). Overall it went great, I sold nearly half the items that I brought. Only of my 2 non-sgraffito items sold; a set of three nesting bowls and a beer stein. I'm looking forward to doing more shows but I know that I've missed the application deadline for all of the good holiday shows and my inventory is too low for another big show. Over the next few weeks I'll focus on creating more work and scoping out the holiday shows so I'm prepared for next year. -Carolyn
  4. I haven't attempted this with clay but I have a bit of printmaking background. I would try and simplify your process, maybe simply paint your underglaze onto the newsprint (cheap craftstore variety; not waxy smooth but has a bit of tooth to it) when it is nearly dry caerfully flip it onto your damp slab, place a few extra blankets (or a thick felt printmaking blanket) on top and run it thru the slab roller. You will probably have to play with the pressure to get the transfer just right. Please share the results of your experiments. -Carolyn
  5. All of my forms are made with either Georgie's G-mix 6 or Georgie's Trillium Porcelain. Image is carved into a layer of black-brown underglaze. After the bisque I typically stain the decorated area with a dark glaze. I'm experimenting with clear glaze thickness, some pieces have glaze barely brushed on while others have several layers of glaze. I use commercial glazes.
  6. Thank you for all of the great advice! I like the idea of holding some of the items in backstock, from the standpoint of giving the work room to shine and as a little customer service perk. I'm thinking about filling some baskets with the backstock and stashing them under the table. Mea, I owe you an enormous thanks, a while back I read your blog post giving tons of advise on choosing and preparing for an art/craft show. The information that you so generously shared in your blog is an amazing resource for me, thanks!
  7. I just double checked the space size... it will be about 8X8! I think I may have to pick up another shelving unit or two and do some staging in my living room. I have shopped at this show for several years; I hope it will be a good first show for me. It is nicely run and has a central checkout that will make it a bit simpler for me. I'm surprised that my work got juried into the show especially when I look at work from the other ceramic artists that will be there.
  8. I will be participating in (my first) three day art show in a few weeks and am wondering if I should stick with my typical style of heavily decorated work or if i should make simply glazed forms to give my sgraffito room to breathe. Also, I have nearly 60 mugs to display plus some decorated platters, bowls and bottles. Would you suggest putting everything out or displaying a select group and adding inventory as needed. I am torn between having a cluttered booth that shows everything and harshly editing the display. My area will be about 4x6 but I wont know the exact dimensions until set-up day. Thanks, Carolyn
  9. The test fire is done! Hopefully the shelves survived; yesterday I dried out the shelves in my oven and I (very slowly) ran the test fire today. Thank you so much for the advice. I have learned so much valuable information on these boards this year. Guinea, your work is a huge inspiration, your critters are so lively! -Carolyn
  10. Thank you; your answers are really helping me get thru this. Based on my anxiety level for this simple test fire I'm going to be a basket case when I do my first glaze firing!
  11. Thank you for the compliment Min. I'm glad to hear that the fire will kill it...I guess I should have known I brought the shelves inside, if they are damp would it be safe to assume that after a couple hours of being inside they would still be cool to the touch? Should I do the test fire at 04 slow instead of the suggested 04 medium? -Carolyn
  12. Thanks, I was wondering if that would be ok. Sorry if it was a silly question; I'm slowly moving from making work in a community studio to my home studio. Thanks to the wonderful CM community I can find the answers to most of my questions. I will be test-firing the kiln later today and hope to run my first bisque load later this week. I'm still working on getting my image gallery set up; if interested you can view some of my work here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Carolyn-Bulkley/1541903372763167?ref=aymt_homepage_panel -Carolyn
  13. I just bought a kiln that has never been fired and stored in a garage. The kiln shelves have a bit of mildew or mold on them. How would you recommend cleaning the shelves before i apply the kiln wash?
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