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  1. I'm an experienced potter looking to fire my work in a wood burning kiln. I'm looking for wood burning kilns that offer space to rent. I live in Indiana, so that would be ideal, but I can travel to Illinois or Michigan, if necessary. My pieces are on the smaller side, 1-4 pounds max. I'm mainly interested in getting that beautiful ash glaze effect. -ctm
  2. You might want to try using a sponge when you are pulling up your clay. It gives you less pressure, but you still have all of the control. You just hold the sponge in your hand against the clay, just as you you would your finger (make sure that both the sponge and the inside of the pot are both wet...too much friction and you'll have trouble), and pull up. Repeat until your pot/cylinder/bowl is as you like it. Remember to keep everything well lubricated, as that may be part of your problem...or, you may just be sitting at the bottom for too long and pushing in before you start to go up, or you're going up too slowly, which is why your bottoms are too thin.
  3. I take classes at a local community studio once a week. In addition, they have open studio time that I go to VERY often. If you can find some kind of setup like this, I would HIGHLY recommend it, it's the next best thing to having your own studio. You can go there (almost) anytime, plenty of wheels or places to handbuild, tons of glazes, and lots and lots of very experienced potters who are MORE than willing to help you out with anything you might have a question about or a problem with. I love my studio and I will NEVER leave it! I don't need my own equipment!!! - Cindy
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