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  1. So excited I can barely contain myself.  Kiln is ordered!!!! Space is ready for it!!!!  Been a long time coming.


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    2. lgusten


      Never saw that on Am Pickers either.  Yes, I will probably graduate.  I look forward to having to take over our restoration studio for my ceramics studio.....already moved the slab roller in there and some tool storage.

    3. Denice


      The estate sale I bought this kiln at had three used up kilns in the garage and this one was in the basement.  She was a porcelain doll head maker,  she was one ahead of me on her kiln collection.   It had a purchased receipt on it of 1969 for $148  it would cost $1480 now.  They had broken the ceramic tube in the kiln setter on the first firing and melted the cone over all the components.   I don't know why they jammed the cone in the tube that way or why they didn't get it fixed.  My  husband thought maybe they had it way out of level and it over fired  with the cone melting back into the kiln sitter.   Make sure your new kiln is level.   Denice

    4. lgusten


      Thank you for the tip, I will definitely add leveling to the checklist.  It is going into the basement....and the floor is not very level in spots.  

      Who knows, maybe you can open a kiln museum when you collect enough kilns.

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