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  1. Finally, going to take the plunge and buy my first kiln.  I am feeling a little scared....I have some  experience firing someone else's kiln...but it has been a few years.  

    My space in the basement is all wired, got a great vent area....the house had an old oil furnace removed 30- 30 years ago, but the chimney still has the vent and the opening is close to where the kiln is going.  

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    2. lgusten


      Thank you!  Someone is coming today to fix a joist in the basement....nothing to do with getting the kiln, but something that needs to get done before I move everything in place.  

    3. yappystudent


      TY for liking my owl. Good luck with your kiln, you'll love it. 

    4. glazenerd


      Plenty of discussions on kilns floating around on the forum.

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