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  1. J., you were absolutely correct. After closer inspection I realized that we'd followed the vent installation instructions that came with the kiln without realizing that they were for a different model vent. Once I downloaded the correct instructions from Envirovent's website and made some adjustments I think we have the problem solved. You've probably saved my lungs, if they're not already a loss ;^) Thanks again!
  2. Got one. It shows consistently between 45 and 50% humidity.
  3. Yep, I do that even though the manual says you don't need to.
  4. Yes, I have an Envirovent 2, bottom vent that goes out through an exterior wall.
  5. I live in Virginia, but this is a climate controlled building so the outdoor conditions shouldn't be an issue. Seems strange that I don't have this issue in the house (20 feet away), but I do in the studio where the electric kiln is.
  6. Thanks, Rob. I'm more concerned about breathing unhealthy agents than rusting of my equipment. Wonder why it's happening in the studio when it doesn't happen in the house? Would the building being built on a slab make a difference despite the humidity registering as normal?
  7. Wondering if any of you have experienced corrosion/rust of metal objects in your kiln space. My kiln is set up with a bottom mounted vent in a climate controlled studio that has a consistent humidity of about 50%, but I'm experiencing corrosion of my paper cutter, triple beam balance, and several other metal pieces. I'm a little concerned that something caustic in the kiln's off-gassings is causing this and that I'm breathing this same air. I'd appreciate your input.
  8. Nope, no cones in this firing. I'm a bad girl. Won't do that again. Have any of you had to adjust the top temperature in the Ron/John schedule? How high have you tweaked it?
  9. I've just opened my first firing with Hesselberth/Roy's suggested firing schedule for cone 6. I was surprised to see that my glazes turned out way more matt than usual (see photo of two pots, same glaze) as well as having a complete color change with my layered blue. Has anyone else experienced a complete change (for the worse) when using this firing schedule. I've rechecked the programing and it was entered correctly. Maybe having 3" brick on my kiln changes the game??? Would love some input. I'm refiring this load and hoping to salvage it.
  10. Thanks, all, for your comments. Luckily, I'm not really in any pain, although I may have been diagnosed sooner if I had been. Between the fall and diagnosis almost 3 weeks later I'd not only thrown lots of pots with some discomfort (ultimately drove me to see doctor), but had carried 40 lb. bags of kitty litter, lifted and pugged 50 lb. bags of clay, run a snowblower for 2 hours.... I just didn't think it was broken because I had no swelling, discoloration and very little pain. Guess at 60 years old this is my future ;^)
  11. I definitely wouldn't do it without the docs O.K. as I know the long term consequences could be horrendous, but he was a bit on the fence as to whether I could throw with the splint on. That's why I'm checking in with you all.
  12. Hi, all. I'm new to the group and am anxiously looking for input. Have any of you experienced a scaphoid fracture of the wrist and were you allowed to continue throwing pots while on the mend? I'd be happy to buy a sacrificial splint and my doctor entertained the idea of letting me do this until I really couldn't quantify the stresses involved. Have any of you been in similar circumstances and found work-arounds?
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