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  1. I spoke to Arnold at paragon and got this figured out using the wiring dia. for a duncan da 1029n. And duncan did engineer this kiln with NO control for the middle element bank, go figure? Other than that its a very good kiln I will install a control for the middle elements, without it the kiln fires up to fast, This duncan is over engineered and a bit complicated. Its redundant having a fixed interval timer a repeat cycle timer a control relay into the 2 power relays and 2 infinite switches controlling top and bottom banks.Thanks for the help
  2. I tryed contacting paragon all day and no one would answer either of the # I had, Apparently the previous owner had changed some wiring and didnt tell me. Im thinking of building a pid controller for it. I would have to add a relay in for the middle elements.
  3. This is a 2 section kiln, the middle element gets full 240v from sitter block nothing to regulate it, whats funny is all the electrics look stock no sign of any changes, no unused holes for mounting anything, it has 3 element sections with 4 elements to a sec. theres 2 infinite switches and 2 relays which control the top and bottom element, and 2 artisan repeat cycle timers wired to the infinite sw. there is nothing missing from inside as theres no excess mounting holes, Bought it used, duncan went out of busn, years ago and paragon bought all stock, there factory wiring diagram is incomplete,
  4. Hi Im new here,Im hoping to find some advice on my duncan 1029 kiln,Ive only done 2 firings since i bought it, this kiln is giving me a headace, I have some knowledge of electrics so I do know how to use a multimeter, Paragon hasnt been much help,as there wiring diagram for this is usless as it doesnt show the 2 relays or the 2 cycle control modules, What this unit does, is to turn it on I must rotate the timer on, then push in the kiln sitter button, With both infinite switches on Off, the middle element and light are now on, the middle element cannot be turned off or regulated as its now get
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