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  1. I am finally back in the studio, hand- building. It is 23 degrees and I am snowed in. I won't get back to the wheel until spring.

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    2. Denice


      It is also cold and miserable here and we had a snow storm move in this afternoon.   I am fortunate that my studio is attached to my house.  I get enough warm air  from a house vent to keep it from freezing,  I turn on a electric heater in the morning and the shop is warm enough to work in by noon.   I thought you had to dry frozen clay and rejuvenate it.  It has something to do with the realignment of the clay particles  when it freezes.  I could be wrong I have never had to deal with it and it has been a long  time since I had a clay and glazes class.     Denice

    3. liambesaw


      It's sunny and hot today, better get to work Gabby!

    4. Gabby


      In fact at 6:30AM I was at my table, carving a border onto a plaque. I have never made anything big and flat, so we will see how it survives. It is going to have an image "painted"in underglazes, including some oranges I am trying. [Now would I have called it hot here today? It was 34'.]

  2. Yesterday on a maybe 8" diameter sphere I outlined my family, from the back, in black underglaze. I'll deliver it to the kiln tomorrow, and if it doesn't crack, I will need to decide what we five will all be looking at. I am thinking maybe Haystack Rock. It will be a centerpiece on a lazy Susan.

  3. Last night was the first time I have found myself working in the studio in the middle of the night, up out of bed at midnight and impatient to try something.  After two hours I was back in bed. Lucky today isn't a teaching day!

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    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I'm the age where night work is not often other than firing gas kilns or turning up shop heater.Working past 8 is rare in studio this days.I just like to get it all done earlier. I also do not have old mans disease meaning I can sleep in if needed.

    3. Gabby


      I'm no spring chicken either, Mark. Normally I am the poster child for early to bed and early to rise.

    4. Denice


      I am the same age as Mark and I still get up in the middle of the night and start a kiln.  I have manual kilns so I am the computer that has to turn them on.   I am also good at sleeping.    Denice

  4. Happy Father's Day, Dads.  May you enjoy your favorite beverage out of a fine mug.

  5. This morning did a quick acrylic painting of a reclining rhino (a first for me), to prepare my eye to make a large wall tile with shallow relief of a rhino.

  6. I threw my first bowl today on my new Pacifica wheel and my first ever porcelain bowl. :)

    1. oldlady


      first of thousands if you are lucky!

    2. glazenerd


      Congrats. Always a nice feeling.

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