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  1. Yes they exhibited fired books and his wonderful serie made fith enameled bowls and fired fruits. I had the honnor to exhib him twice, one in 2012 for the www.apo-calypse.ch exhibition and one last year as curator at the gallery I'm working in, with fired books and a new work made of books covers, painting and wax. (so why I wrote the texte posted above lol). I you use his name in japanese on google you get more results. (è¥¿æ‘ é™½å¹³)
  2. Thank you a lot for your comment Maria! it's my small collection, a new piece from Ryoji Koie should arrive soon, from the fantastic and important Chernobyl serie, this one made in Tamba Best regards
  3. Hello,
 I thought that maybe some of you could be pleased to discover the work of contemporary artist and ceramist Yohei Nishimura, if you don't already know it. 
 Cooked at 1200 degrees, miraculously “fossilized†by the magic of the electric kiln acting like a time accelerator, Yohei Nishimura’s fired books are moving far beyond their fragile beauty. Whilst the link with the autodafé appears obvious, what really takes places is a conservation or even a revelation, not a destruction. Admittedly the ink gradually disappears during the ten long hours of firing, but it is a
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