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  1. Greetings from the Jersey Skylands!! I bought a kiln from an ad on Craigslist this week!! Yay!! Now I need to fill it. Unfortunately my enthusiasm greatly outweighs my experience and equipment. I took a ceramics class 15 years ago and loved it. It was an introductory hand building class and it focused on building techniques. The actual firing and glazing was done by the instructor. So I need some advice. First: I bought a Paragon s-82 in great shape. The rating plate says it is good to 2300 degrees. It has the typical kiln sitter. I intend to do all slab building until I get bored with it and can convince myself to buy a wheel. I plan on starting with functional plates, bowls, cups, etc. I will likely be buying my supplies from Ceramic Supply (in Lodi, NJ - http://ceramicsupplyinc.com), unless someone could suggest a place in the greater Allentown, PA area, or anywhere closer to the Allentown area. Second: My first major project will be dinner plates. My wife wants them to look handmade (that should be easy!). She wants them to be made of a light colored clay with cobalt blue accents. (She likes the look of unglazed or clear glazed stoneware). So, my questions. 1. What clay should I buy? 2. Which glazes should I buy? 3. What cones should I buy? Thanks!!
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