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  1. Hello all. I am currently a student at my local cummunity collage, and have a few classes and some experience under my belt. I have a small collection of my work, but I have always had someone else fire my work. I recently came up on a great deal for a Jen-Ken kiln. It was purchased back in 1995 and has never been used. It is a PFG-18-E with a Perfect Fire control digital control panel. I am just starting out and learning so any help on any topic would be greatly apreciated. Here are a couple topics I need the most help in: Can I put this in my garage as long as I have adiquit ventilation? Can I use it for both glass and ceramics at different times? Or once it is used for one media, it always has to be used for that. I have no manuals or operating instructions. Where can I get these from? Thank you in advance.
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