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  1. Yes, It looks exactly like; applies like and has the same application charachteristics of the decalpaper.com transfers.........except the results are a disaster. it's just so weird that the decals come out so distorted.........
  2. Please reply when you find out about how it works.........so far I've wasted a bunch of money trying different brands........ I just ordered some from "Fired on images" for $4 a sheet (includes shipping) which I guess is the old "Decalpaper.com" paper........ Damn, thas espensive............
  3. Yes, I've heard the same complaint from other Ceramic Artists on a Facebook forum. I even emailed Justin Rothshank and he said he is still working on paper he bought a year ago before Decalpaper.com went out of business so he couldn't help. Anyone using vendors that have decal paper that works?
  4. Please Help! I used to get my decal paper from Decalpaper.com. They went out of business and I have not found decal paper that will work firing at cone 04. I had some old decals and put them on some mugs and fired; they are along side test pieces to show what I am getting now. This new decal paper that is not working is from Sunnyscopa and some from one other supplier that I cannot remember ordering from.....please help! How do I attach photos to show?
  5. Denice, this Memorial display is indoors. I am using decals now that are run through a laser printer and firing to cone 04 for the writing on the ceramic work that I am doing. Just wondered about tile sources and glazes people might be using.
  6. I've been asked to help with a memorial wall. I can use decals run through a laser printer for the names on the tiles. I usually second fire my decal paper to 04 to adhere to my ceramics now. 1) Has anyone done this? 2) what is a good source for tiles 4" through 12" that have been bique fired. 3) Any tips on glazing the tiles? Thanks, Steve Helmbrecht
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