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    I like singing, writing, and I'm dabbling a bit in acting, but sculpting has pretty much been my most consistent hobby. I'm hoping it will help pay the bills :)
  1. Would a sawdust firing suffice and keep it strong enough? I know that's around 1350, but it's the lowest I can think of
  2. True.. I don't want to sell anything that's going to fall apart. Is 1500F the lowest I can go? And it'll be my kiln, so no one else's stuff is going to get ruined.
  3. Thank you!! Yes, it's completely solid - I need it to stay in one piece so it's useless to try to fire at a temp. lower than the melting point?
  4. Hello all! I believe I've already post about this one project I've done, but now I have a whole new question about it. While I was sculpting these hands, I slipped some aluminum alloy armature wire inside the fingers and never took it out. I was hoping to fire and glaze them, but I'm worried that it will explode because of the armature. Should I bother to fire it (someone wants to buy them) or should I just spray paint it and call it a day? Clay: White Stone Mountain Clay (water), 8" long, widest part is 1 1/2" I was told by the man that sold me the wire I could fire the armature, but I'm having doubts. The fingers did crack a little where the wire may be, but the product's website said "The wire will not corrode or stain, and has a melting point of 1220 degrees F/660 degrees C." Thank you so much!! Savannah
  5. This is so helpful, thank you so much!
  6. No, it's just a random little thought I had that popped into my head The piece is called "Simplicity vs. Reality" and hopefully nothing will explode and the hands and heart(s) will all still be together
  7. Hello! I'm new to the forum, so this is my hello - Hi everybody!! About two or so weeks ago, I sculpted a pair of hands (real life size) and a human heart (slightly larger than real life size), and everything has come along nicely, until I realized that I made a big 'whoops' the hands have dried nicely, but the heart is a solid 3x3.5 inches of clay at it's widest point. It had totally slipped my mind to make it hollow (creative spontaneity?!) and now I have no clue how long it is going to take to dry. I did put holes in it to help it out a bit, but I'm still scared to fire it early. How long do you think it will take to dry? If it helps any, I live in Taos NM - a pretty dry climate. Thank you! Savannah
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