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  1. I like berry bowls, honey pots an tea bowls.
  2. I am working with blue midnight 3 base coats then Blue Rutile one coat 2/3 of the way up then second coat 1/3 then third coat on rim. I want a darker on the blue midnight . I am close to the first dishes I made with only 2 medium heavy coats of blue midnight and same three layered blue rutile . I bisque to 03 . i use MB White stoneware cone 6-10 wet. It is a stoneware porcelain mix. I then fire to cone 5 electric paragon sentry 2.0. rate 1 324 temp 1 1022, rate 2 153 temp 1112, rate 3 162 temp 3 1951, rate 4 108 2167. hold 20 minutes. I have pinholes what am I doing wrong??? How can I fix the pinhole problem?? Sorry the pictures have to be so small to upload.
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