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  1. You don't really have to pop the cured slab out of the box, Pug. The main reason for doing so is to prevent small bits from flaking off and getting into your work. If you clean up the slab in place, let it dry thoroughly, and there are no small bits around, you should be safe in just leaving it in the box. As dear old dad always said...."Work smarter, not harder" ;)

  2. I used straight up, old fashioned POP that I got from Home Depot, Pugaboo. I've had zero problems with it, even in my very large (by my standards ;) ) damp box. Just be sure to pop the slab out, once it has set of course, and clean off any residual bits that splash up on the sides during pouring into or mixing in the box. Then take a sure-form, or something like it, to clean the rough edges of your slap before placing back in the damp box. I use a simple green scrubby pad for this and it works just fine for my purposes.

  3. I think I understand your mind-set Doc. I'm a "waste not, want not" kind of gal myself. Even if it were FREE, I'd still find a way to revive/reclaim/recycle/reuse whatever it is ;) .....


    If it's a water based resist, maybe try adding water and let it sit for a few days....see if you can then stir it up with a whisk or one of those little stick blenders. Failing that, maybe try heating it up a bit. Sometimes things rehydrate better when they're warm or hot. ;) Best of luck. Let us know what you find out.

  4. Sorry, no, I don't. Your picture was the first I had ever seen of one. :(


    Here's a thought: Measure the clearance of the base of the wheel head. Then contact some of the wheel accessories suppliers and see if they have something that might fit. Clay King offers replacement splash pans for several different manufacturers, ranging in price from about $45 to $60 plus shipping. One of them is bound to fit your CI. But shop around. It pays to do your research! ;)


    Yet another thought: try fitting the splash pans to your two models of Brent and see if one of them comes close. It would make for a good starting point in finding what you need. Good luck!

  5. Guinea, I'm heading over to Tacoma in a couple of weeks. Yes, a stop at CAC is planned. If you need anything, let me know. I could pick it up for you. Any chance to save on shipping is always welcome, right?


    WCR, I'm so glad to hear that everything pretty much survived unscathed. My sister found one of Monkeyshines little treasures about 5 years ago while out walking the dogs. She lives in the north end in a 108 year old Victorian/Craftsman home on Oaks street. It's sad to think that this wonderful arts community outreach project may be coming to an end. If you have connections with the powers that be, maybe you could suggest that they tackle the Mayan calendar next? Just a thought. ;)

  6. make one from a tool sold at hardware stores, HD, lowes etc, a caulking gun.  there is a utube on it as well.  there is a beautiful slab roller made in the UK on utube, i LOVE it's simplicity!  look for a black painted one made by someone with two names, Jerry and ??  


    you can buy one of the caulking gun types from a clay supplier for about $40 if you want.

    I know just which one you're talking about, and if memory serves me, it's somewhere in the video archives here, around about page #11, or maybe it was page #13? Just look around in that vicinity and you should be able to find it. It uses 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe, pvc test caps and the cheapest calk gun you can get at HD.


    I've rounded up all of the requisite materials to make mine. Now I just need the time to sit down, drill the test caps to make the extrusion shapes I want and put it all together. Too bad one can't buy time as easily as materials! :rolleyes:

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