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    douglas got a reaction from Magnolia Mud Research in Question... Why Bisque Fire To Cone 05 Rather Than Cone 04?   
    Nerd, what have been your negative experiences with Lizella? I have not noticed any problems with cone 6 electric, soda, or salt. 
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    douglas got a reaction from Pres in Weight/size Charts?   
    I was thinking the same thing. Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to vessel weightiness, but especially for teapots and pitchers that will be filled with liquid and need to be easily lifted and poured, you need to throw thin or the item becomes a mantle piece instead of something you would keep in a cupboard to use. 
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    douglas reacted to neilestrick in Weight/size Charts?   
    IMO, there are too many factors to say definitively how much clay should be used for each form. It all depends on what size you want the pot to be, how thin you throw, and the shrinkage rate of your clay. Many years ago I spent a great deal of time working out a chart like that, and today it's not very accurate. I now use a different clay body, and I throw thinner than I used to. Take the time to make your own chart. It'll be well worth the effort, at least for a few years. But it's easy enough to modify the chart as your throwing style changes.
    The chart JLowes posted isn't even close to what I use on most of those forms. 4 1/2 pounds for a teapot? That's one massive teapot. 5 3/4 pound pitcher? To big to pass around the table when it's full. 1 1/2 pound mug is closer to 20 ounces. Those are some thick pots they're making.
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    douglas reacted to josiethings in Need Advice On Buying A Used Kiln   
    Great news! I got a lightly used Olympic kiln (model 1823) for only $120. The guy was in a big hurry to sell it because he is moving. It only has one damaged brick, and came with lots of shelves, posts, and feet. It's 3.29 cubic feet inside, which I am sure is big enough for pretty much anything I would make.
    It has a kiln sitter, but I'm wondering if I should swap it out for an electronic controller. This is an area where I have no experience whatsoever.
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    douglas reacted to neilestrick in Need Advice On Buying A Used Kiln   
    Olympic makes a conversion system where you remove the sitter and screw on a new control box with the digital system in it. Otherwise, Skutt and Orton make a digital control box that hangs on the wall, and you just plug the kiln into it. Personally, I like the wall mounted because the controls will stay cooler, and you can use the sitter as a backup shutoff.
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    douglas reacted to Denice in Need Advice On Buying A Used Kiln   
    I would recommend you take a pottery class and ask to help to load, fire and unload the kiln.  Teachers are always happy to have the help and it will give you a lot of confidence when it comes to your own firings.  Denice
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    douglas reacted to neilestrick in Tons Of Little Bumps/bubbles Showing Up After Glaze Firing   
    Those look like bloats to me, which are bubbles in the clay, usually due to over firing. You can see that there a very small, smooth bumps that haven't come through to the surface quite yet, as well as the big bumps. Could also be a bad batch of clay, which is what I'm betting on. Use some cones to rule out the over firing possibility, though. In my experience, digital kilns tend to under fire as the thermocouple ages, not over fire, but it's definitely a possibility. However if it was truly over firing enough to cause bloating, I would expect your glaze would also show some extra fluidity, which you haven't mentioned. If you've still got the boxes that the clay came in, check to see if they're all from the same batch. Also try a couple of pots with another glaze to see if it still happens. If the kiln is not over firing, call your clay supplier and let them know what's going on. They'll want to know the batch numbers.
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