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  1. We have 4 full time art teachers and we teach specialized courses i.e. ceramics, fiber arts, painting, sculpture etc. The number of students taking ceramics has risen drastically over the past few years. This is the 3rd year I've had 6 sections of ceramics, last year I did teach fiber arts so I only had 5 ceramics at least I had a little break. Part of the writing is a reflection over the finished projects. We've also had a few days in the computer lab working on a web quest I created to help prepare for the projects next semester. I made a comment to one of the other art teachers the other week about cutting 2 sections of ceramics next year and the response back was that I need to do larger projects that take more time. Personally I don't think that's the answer. My students have only completed 3 projects this semester and if I go any slower I'll have a riot to deal with! I really want to know thoughts on the maximum number of students that you think can be serviced with the 2 kilns we have to work with. I'm hoping to get some feedback that I can use when I bring up the idea of cutting 2 sections for next school year. Thanks
  2. I'm wondering how many kilns would be recommended for a program that currently services 230 students? My school is +/- 2100 students, we currently have 9 sections of ceramics, I teach 6 sections and another teacher has 3. We have 2 Amaco HF105 kilns. It's my belief that we need to cut at least 2 sections to make the numbers more manageable. We have no way of adding an additional kiln. I cut my kids off from constructing anything new about a month ago with the exception of anything that broke, was stolen or needed to be remade for a better grade. Its just been glazing and writing assignments for 4 weeks. Thank goodness we are in the final week because the kids are getting restless and so am I. On the bright side, for the first time in my 10 years of teaching ceramics I will NOT have to go in over winter break to fire! It's been quite a challenge to get my 157 student's works fired and graded before they leave for break. So again I'm wondering how many kilns would be recommended for the number of students (230) enrolled in ceramics? Also, given that we can only have the 2 kilns, what are recommendations for the max number of students based on the 2 kilns? I look forward to your thoughts and advice. Monica
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