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  1. Just briefly, have to go to bed. I am cured ;-). I focused on not forcing the clay too quickly up and giving it time to settle onto the wheel and the big airbumps did not reappear. Thanks so much to everybody for the helpful input. As for the feedback on the website and info about myself, I will write more tomorrow. Too tired now. bye.
  2. Hello all, thank you so much for all the comments. After reading each one I have the feeling that it might be the problem that Crusty and Oldlady discribe. That I am forcing the clay too much while coning up. Tyler, I explained myself not well enough: When I am talking about the rim, I didn't mean after I pulled the clay up. I meant the bottom outer corner of the opened clay ball. And it is like Oldlady says a big bump, not just a little air bubble. When I think back it started when I saw a video on youtube that pointed to using the pressure creating by my fingers rather than the palm of my right hand when centering. And suddenly it was much easier to bring the clay up but looking back I think that is when the air bump problem started. I will try today with less force and will let you know. Have a nice day you all and greetings from switzerland. Dorothe
  3. In advance I apologize for my 'potty' question as most of you are professionals. I have been trying my hands at throwing for one year. Finally I get the wedging and even the centering :-). But as every time I tackle one problem a new one appears, my newest challenge is air trapped between the clay and the wheel. I form the clay into a ball and throw it down on the wheel, tap 5-10 times and then I start centering. When I open I feel the air bubbles unter the bottom of the clay or toward the rim. What am I doing wrong? I really appreciate any help you guys can give me. Greetings. D.
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