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  1. I subscribe to the "if opportunity knocks, answer the door" philosophy, so I say go for it! What do you have to lose? Your etsy store is not active and you can still make a website, in fact you can focus upon your work as "an artist". You are worthy of whatever price they decide to charge for your work. And, most importantly, it isn't a matter of them accepting you. The question is whether or not you want to have your work at their gallery. Give it a try.
  2. Good suggestion, Stephen. Using the LLC on everything is a good habit for sure. Should have added that to my list! As for the annual meeting, while not having one is not fatal it is certainly still a good idea. Most courts have a list of ten or twelve "factors" that they look out to determine whether or not the LLC is a sham. The more you are missing the worse it is; the more you have, the better. I always recommended annual meetings as a great way for those in charge of the LLC (even if just one) to take some time once a year and think about the company, its future, etc. Certainly take th
  3. What I lack in pottery knowledge I make up in knowledge about piercing corporate veils, so if you are going to form an LLC you absolutely must: (1) Have a completely separate bank account for your business that you use for your business expenses and income. The safest way is to have it be in a different bank than your personal account. That makes it easier to keep track of and reduces the temptation to transfer funds from one to the other. Comingling of funds is an easy way to lose your LLC protection. (2) Remember that the only thing the money in your business account is used for is b
  4. Some thoughts (not NH specific): (1) "Protecting your name of your future business" really is a matter of deciding what name you are going to be using as your business and start using it. Most states allow you use a "d/b/a" (doing business as) designation, so there is no need to incorporate to start using your business name. Many states don't require you to even register the d/b/a but you'd want to check and see what your state requires. The only financial investment that you should consider making at this stage is to obtain the domain name of your business. You can get that pretty cheaply
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