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  1. Positive- it's a ceramic panel, as were a lot of other piece in the gallery show. I'm not using the mixed mediums until after the pieces are fired/glazed, as in the example... any additional tips or insights appreciated. thanks-
  2. I didn't get to see the back (this is just one panel from two angles) as it was hanging in a gallery, but I think a safe guess would be it's just an unglazed version of what you see on the outside...
  3. Hello Ceramicists, This is a quick follow-up to the Topic thread titled "ceramic panels- found, or made?". I thought I had added a reply within the thread a few days ago, but I don't see it so I'm trying again with a separate topic. After adding my topic, I realized that I actually have specific photo examples to help best describe what I'm looking for. Please view the two attached images, presuming they appear (one is front view, the other three-quarter), and then answer the following: is there someplace that you know of that might make something similar to these? If not, what would you recommend as the simplest, most cost effective route for making them myself/having them made? many thanks in advance for your time and insights-- best, Michael
  4. Hello ceramicists! I actually haven't worked with ceramics for many years, going all the way back to early college years. I'm a fine artist, primarily a painter, and i've recently been inspired by a particular work I saw, to make a similar structure to use as a ceramic "canvas." I'm essentially interested in panels- in the shape of stretched canvas - that have a glazed white surface, which i'll then use as a painting/mixed media surface. My question, then, is: can objects similar to this be found at certain stores, or ordered? Or do they need to be made? And if so, should I just look up the local ceramic shop, or? I realize this could involve an investment in getting into ceramic-making again, but I'm hoping to find the most direct, time-economic route possible... If there's a better section of the forum to be posting this question, just let me know and I'll post it there. many thanks in advance for any feedback- Michael
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