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    Rae Reich reacted to preeta in Hey! Welcome back, Preeta! I missed your contributions. What are you up to now?   
    Awww thank you guys. Just have had a lot going on. Mainly my teenage daughter's medical issues. Just trying to find answers which we are close to finally after suffering for 5 years.  
    Taking a principals of cooking class (3 hours straight standing and cooking. I loved every minute of it but it was only on the way back home the exhaustion would hit me) , starting a garden at a community plot plus working more. 
    I've taken all the community college classes in clay so now I volunteer to keep using the lab. So I have had no free time.  Plus i really got into researching the political world. I had to leave that now because it got too depressing (But thanks to Vaclav Havel i havent lost hope) and so I'm back here.  
    Clay is my first love and you guys are a great bunch to hang out with. I've missed the clay talk. So I've come home.  
    I love this sense of community. I found that in culinary and gardening as well as clay. 
    Eeh one day I'll have the guts to post pictures of my work.  I've got the form to where I like it but now am working on the skin I'd like to complete my work. I love our gas kiln. I've also finally accepted who I am as a potter. Which influence I want to show more. My political research helped me with that. I was grateful to find my voice of protest through my pottery. Now finally as a potter I am at peace.  
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    Rae Reich reacted to Mark C. in Annual clay order comes in next week. 33,000 #s total -my share is 25,000#s.I odered   
    Thats 48 boxes per pallet always from Laguna when ordered in bulk(over a ton )-all 10 tons is special order soft.12 boxes per layer 4 layers high per pallet.One pallet will be a mix of clays.
    I have them trucked to a nearby lumber yard as its about 12 hour drive to LA one way-11 pallets are mine on the 15 pallets coming on my order.$ pallets for two other potters.
    I will have them power loaded (forklift) at lumber yard 2 per trip in my pickup.I have to then handunload into my clay shed(I have a hired helper for part of this job,The 10 tons of clay fits into my shed and the 1 ton of glaze fits in two loctions where I store glazee materials-all of it come off the pallets and get hand move once. The clay is backed up to shed and taken off truck with about 6 feet of max movement-stacked 9 boxes high.
    about 500#s gets mixed into my peter pugger for an 84 year old potter friend who I mix and deliver her clay to her as a friend. She can only handle 25# bags
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    Rae Reich reacted to oldlady in Annual clay order comes in next week. 33,000 #s total -my share is 25,000#s.I odered   
    i need a nap just thinking about all that!
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