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  1. Thank you so much for all your kind words.  It really means a lot considering that I'm fairly new to the pottery craft. I'm amazed that this piece has evoked such a response from you. I simply threw the bowl and thought how can I decorate this. I knew I wanted to show off the porcelain as this firing was the first time I've used porcelain. The yellow underglaze that is available here is very,very vivid as you can see, so I wanted to tone the effect down and decided to pair it with the black, as black and white is such a strong statement and the yellow would bring in some vibrancy to the piece.

  2. Hi Sydney, thanks for the compliment. It's also one of my favs.  I'm in South Africa so the glaze and stoneware are completely different to what you have.  I threw a stoneware that fires to a light beige. Textured the pot and on glazing I used two glazes. The one I use as a base glaze with a lot of my textured pots, it's called lace and is a beige matt glaze. The other was applied first and then scraped off so that it lay within the texture. It wasn't comletey removed which causes the colours to bleed into each other.  This sort of combination was also used in the mug.


    The stoneware was fired to cone 8

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