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  1. Disappointed (with emphasis).  When you open the kiln excited to see vibrant colours on decals (12 pieces) and what you actually get is grey on white.:(

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    2. Roberta12


      Maybe my decals are different.  I fire them to 017  which is around 1300 F.  Are you working with degrees Centigrade?

      Good job on making lemonade out of lemons!  :D

    3. AndreaB


      Yes I fire to cone 8 1260 Celcius.

    4. Roberta12


      Maybe your decals are different than mine, but the 3rd firing I do for decals is at a much lower temp.  Perhaps that is why yours lost all their color?  I found Milestone decals to have a wealth of information about application and firing.  I think they also have some youtube videos.  


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