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  1. Like others have said, I use mugs that I have made recently to see how I like them. I am using a second from this series where the glaze flowed too much. I noticed people often trying to stack my mugs. So I made these to be stacked. LA Foster lafosterceramics.com
  2. Fred Sweet answered my question. I had thought I read an article, but i must have watched a video. I watched it again, even better than I remembered. THanks so much!
  3. Hi, I read a really nice article about cups about a year ago. The article was written by a potter who also often was a judge for functional ceramics. He wrote about his approach to evaluating a cup. I performed several searches, but I could not locate the article. I was hoping someone might be able to direct me to it. I am writing a blog on my website about cups. I incorporate a lot of his ideas and would like to reference the article. thanks!
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