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    Thanks! This is cone 6 electric firing. Stoneware and Mayco glaze. The images aren't in chronological order. I may rename or title them better. I started with low fire but switched to mid fire late last year. My productivity also increased as expected with practice so most of these are mid fire except for the a couple terra cotta pots. I made more of those but they vanish every time my kids come over
  2. chuckcolht

    2015 work

    A highlight reel of my first full year in pottery
  3. chuckcolht


    From the album: 2015 work

    Same glaze inside and out
  4. chuckcolht


    From the album: 2015 work

    10" flower pot
  5. chuckcolht


    From the album: 2015 work

    Just a quick slab test over one of those foam wreath forms.
  6. chuckcolht


    From the album: 2015 work

    3D printed spiral design. Meant to be printed in a pair as eccentric gears. Pretty sloppy but hey, I have a clay printer!
  7. chuckcolht


    From the album: 2015 work

    Designed this 'cup' in SketchUp and printed with my clay printer. The bottom is not completely solid so it isn't usable but as a proof of concept it is OK.
  8. chuckcolht


    From the album: 2015 work

    This is later 3D print which turned out much better. Still not right, but better.
  9. chuckcolht


    From the album: 2015 work

    this the first object produced by my clay 3D printer. Pretty shaky and the collapsed side was caused by the printer head (clay cartridge) dropping instead of going up like it was supposed to. Since it looked funky I decided to glaze in that spirit.
  10. chuckcolht


    From the album: 2015 work

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