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  1. Check out this artical from Eduardo Lazo. http://vickihardin.com/articles/pit-fire-ceramics.html
  2. Ok that is what I was hoping to hear. It is roughly the size of a quarter, but I might have exaggerated on the depth. I will take your advice. thanks
  3. New Kiln, new to me

  4. I recently bought a used kiln. My first kiln! I bought it from the original owner, who used in very minimally. As far as I can tell the kiln has a lot of life left to give. I believe that after some glaze had come into contact with one of the side wall bricks, it had not been removed befor the next firing or firings, and became embedded into the brick. The gaze apperas to have saturated about 1/4 in. into the bricks surface but without contacting any elements. The rest of the interior looks great, so this really stands out to me. Should I try to remove embedded glaze before I attempt to fire? It is the DE 1020-2 Duncan w the digital controller, and any knowledge you can share about this kiln would be appreciated as well. Thank you, and thank you all for the priceless info on these forums! Beginner Potter
  5. Firing pots in a pit

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