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  1. As a follow up for others who may encounter this: I spoke with Bailey and they told me to first check the set screw on the top roller at the back (inside the plastic housing.). It sometimes slips off the flat surface of the roller rod so the roller isn't grabbing well. If this doesn't work and it turns out that the surface of the rollers has become worn smooth (which he says usually takes a long time - many years) they recommend removing the rollers, masking off the ends and spraying them uniformly with a light coat 3M Super 77 (spray mount adhesive). Allow it to cure for 24 hours before rein
  2. Thanks, I am loving those Potter's Choice layering glazes. Once of these days I'll start making my own...maybe.
  3. I'll always have the story to tell of the time my rack went off balance and toppled down the steps while I was photographing my work. The few that were left sold out, at least...and I have orders for more.
  4. You're not the first one to make that connection, Mark. Nor shall you be the last. We humans just love our innuendos. Thanks, Joseph. It's actually glass in the middle - a couple of those colored glass blobs that are used in vases, etc. They melt quite nicely.
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