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    Bethw13 reacted to GiselleNo5 in Qotw: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall?   
    The first time I saw a mirror by my friend's wheel in her studio I told her, "If you hang it on this wall nearby you can see yourself much better. Now you have to bend way over." She laughed at me and once she explained I laughed too. 
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    Bethw13 reacted to LindaSkipper in Qotw: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall?   
    I do use mirrors, an old 3 part hinged lady's dresser mirror for throwing on one wheel that has a bat system attached  and another single surface mirror for trimming on another wheel that has my Giffin Grip attached. They both are placed within 1 ft. of the rear of the wheel, so I'm using them to check on symmetry. I first learned about using a mirror in a workshop 15 years ago with Angela Fina and have never thrown without one since. The need to bend uncomfortably to the right is almost conquered.
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    Bethw13 reacted to GiselleNo5 in Qotw: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall?   
    I am also very sorry to hear about your mother in law, Evelyne!
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    Bethw13 reacted to lincron in New Skutt Steven Hill - Wheel Head Wobble Problem   
    Today at 9 am my wheel head replacement arrived from Skutt.  It was only yesterday that I was told they were replacing it, so I was shocked when it was on my door-step this morning. Again I will say Skutt has the most amazing Customer Service I have ever experienced!
    Can't throw today...other obligations, but will post tomorrow if this has fixed my problem.
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    Bethw13 got a reaction from Chris Campbell in Does This Happen To You?   
    I took one of my dogs to obedience training. The instructor of the class told me I was a push over and it was no wonder my dogs don't listen to me.
     I told one of the "friends" in an email that when I was having a show, I would let her know so she could bring her friend over. That way I didn't say NO but I did draw a line.
     I will in the future tell people in no uncertain terms that the stuff in my house is MINE ALLLL MINE and not for sale.
     That better work.
     Thanks for the advice people!
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    Bethw13 got a reaction from Tyler Miller in Manganese Dioxide   
    Why use it at all? There are so many glazes, stains, etc, why use something that you know can be toxic to your customers??
     Ok if you want to take the risk, but to subject other people to it?
     I know most oxides are dangerous and toxic, make sure your glazes are able to contain the toxicity to use the chemicals. Research and test.
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