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    I took my first ceramics class in Evansville IN at the University in the 70's then later at the University of Indianapolis in the 80's. I purchased a wheel from AMACO in the 80's and carried it around from house to house for years. Then around 2002 we were at the Penrod Art Festival in Indianapolis and I kept talking about the ceramics and my wife told me to set up a studio or quit talking about how I wanted to get back into making pottery.

    So, I took over some space in our horse barn and set up a studio and began practicing. My son wanted me to make wine goblets for his rehearsal dinner and I agreed, that was quite an undertaking for someone who had been back at the wheel for only a few months. But, I got them done, and they were no too bad.

    I am still practicing and have started to take an interest in mixing of glazes. Some strange desire to say I made the piece, I glazed it with a glaze I mixed from bags of chemicals, and fired it myself.

    I get the opportunity to travel quite a bit and try to keep my eye open for studios to visit. I was able to visit the Leach Pottery in Cornwall a few months back. They were giving a free seminar by Yoh Tanimoto a potter from Iga and I was able to sit for the seminar! Lucky me!

    I have all kinds of ideas I would like to try in projects, so I will be able to keep busy for quite sometime.
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