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  1. Hi, I am a new member of this forum and I've been browsing the various discussions over the last few days looking for a definitive answer regarding selection of equipment for digital printing of ceramics. I am currently considering purchasing a small volume Ceramic Printer and I've come across quite a few website (see below) offering anything from Ink Jet Printers to Laser Printers and I'm a bit overwhelmed with the sometimes conflicting information about the best systems. Some of the systems packages including Printer, Laminator and consumables(Ink, Paper, Toner etc..) range from $3,000 to $15,000. I have access to fire my work in a traditional kiln in Bali, Indonesia (where I currently reside) and not sure if the decals would be compatible with those traditional kilns. I am looking at producing custom dinner ware, tiles and murals and similar type products. If anyone owns a printing system and has been through the selection process, I would appreciate any advice you might have. Thank you again Mizou Inkjet & Laser Printer Systems http://photoceramics-center.com/fotokeramika/the-equipment-catalog/ Laser Printer Systems http://www.digitalceramics.com/new-dcs/sections/printer-systems-new.php http://ceramicdecalprinters.com/Systems.html http://www.enduring-images.com/ceramic-and-glass-printing-systems http://www.printceramic.com/ http://www.ceramictoner.com/en/products/printer-ceramic_toner
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