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  1. I guess I'm a little lucky. My 1027 is about 6 years old with 170 bisque & cone 6 firings on it. Still fires just about on schedule. Had to replace relays twice and redid all the control box wiring. Plan to replace elements in Jan or Feb just to be on the safe side (a little flush with Christmas money). Have on old Gare over 25 years old that my mother-in-law did ceramics in that still fires great. It's too small to take much of a load so I'm planning to make it a raku kiln.
  2. Oh my gosh! Beautiful combo! I have some red gold in a bucket, but never thought about putting floating blue over it like that. I really like it. Thanks for sharing. Was that a floating blue that you made yourself? Roberta Yes, just one of the standard recipies.
  3. I mostly use Coyote and Amaco Potters Choice along with some I mix and a few from Opulence. My favorite from Coyote is Red Gold. Started buying it in bulk and find it gives different effects by dipping. The bird house is floating blue over red gold on the top and Potters choice Albany slip on the bottom (brushed)
  4. I have used them for several years firing 5-6. Not sure why they are not working for you especially the PC 20. Go back to the web site and read instructions carefully again; you might have an application problem. I usually thin down my jars with a little water, some of the glazes are really thick. Now Antique Jasper...this one is often tough to get right. I put it on really thick at least 3 coats after previous coat is dry then I "splotch" over the third coat using a thick brush and dabbing the glaze in no set pattern. Here is a recent Antique Jasper:
  5. I use a diamond disc in my dremel tool. Also try to drip some water on it as I grind. Being a sort of new potter I'm always looking for suggestions from more experienced potters, and I picked up this trick. I try to cut a shallow depression near the bottom of each piece to give excess glaze a little place to pool up in. Also wiping with a sponge around the edge of the bottom has helped. Here is a picture of a utensil holder with real runny glaze that this process worked on.
  6. I am getting somewhat different results probably due to lack of texturing. This is over Firebrick on Laguna Speckled Buff. I like what it did for you too.
  7. Many thanks for your help, I truly appreciate your message. :-)

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