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  1. I feel so much better after reading this! I thought I was really losing it when I also cannot find the tool I just set down on the table! Sometimes, I put out only the tools that I am likely to use. Sometimes, I can find just the right tool that I am looking for. Sometimes, the tool I am looking for has been tucked into the towel on my knee and I have looked and looked for it Only found it when I stood up to find the duplicate!!!
  2. Yes, I finally have enough pieces to only use those that I have made. I will finish our new dinnerware after the holiday rush. It is very satisifying to set a table with your own work!
  3. Making an urn for the cremains of a loved one is an honor for me to do. If my small talent can offer comfort to someone, it seems like the least I can do.
  4. My love affair with clay got off to a rocky start due a teacher who made a big deal about me being left handed. He threw so many obstacles at me that I hand built for several years to avoid the wheel. I was convinced I would never learn to throw. Enter a skilled teacher who banished the obstacles and was patient and encouraging. I learned to center with my eyes closed relying on feel and was soon centering like a champ! Then the challenge was learning to pull a wall. Finally it came together and I am a POTTER! I now have a wheel and kiln at home and can work to my heart's content. All pottery instructors are not good teachers. It really takes a special combination of skills to work with pottery students.
  5. I also use Potters Choice glazes and found a wonderful board for PC glazes on Facebook. Very helpful info for those of us who do not mix our own glazes. Lots of photos and encouragement.
  6. Neil is absolutely the best! And he is an amazing teacher!!!
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