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  1. The strawhead object is like one of those Easter Island Statues. I like!
  2. They are wine-vessels, used, way back, in China. The wine was heated (candle under the vessel with the spout) and then poured into the other vessel to drink from it. I'am glad you like them! Thanks Evelyne
  3. The works in this album are all primitive fired, either pit firing or barrel firing.
  4. Thank you Marcia! Coming from you, it's a compliment. Evelyne PS: will go to Vallauris beginning of July...
  5. They are not fired in a Raku kiln but in a pit fire, for 3 hours, and then I took them out and applied buffalo hair when still red hot.
  6. Thanks bunches Trina! They are not so very "little". Ø 6'', H 10'' I absolutely was thrilled making them.... Evelyne
  7. Hi, thank you for your comment about my work. Just looked at your gallery and, wow, how did you do the aged cup? And bird on blue mug I like! May I ask you your name? I don't want to say only hi, I'd like to address you with your proper name. I hope to see more of you in the forum. So nice to see young people like you in love with clay! All the best. Evelyne

  8. Evelyne Schoenmann


    I discovered this technique in a video from Steven Hill. Great video, great technique! Thank you Steven.
  9. What an interesting lid you did on your pot Celia! Looks beautiful. What is baked potatoe raku? I'am doing horse hair and buffalo hair raku, but baked potatoe I've never heard. Would appreciate if you could share the knowledge. Thank you. Evelyne
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  11. Hi Marcia, I see you are in residence at Vallauris. I will be there (to visit the exhibition of the latest Bienniale) next week. Greetings from Italy. Evelyne

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