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  1. There are no silly questions Celia. I either roll the still wet but already stiff piece in a bucket full of sand, or I spray water on the piece, take a handful of sand or marble powder or whatever and throw it at the piece. (You want to do that on the floor in the basement, not in the kitchen! Just kidding). I then either paddle the sand into the clay or I push it in lightly with the ball of my thumb. I also sometimes wet a sponge, push it into the sand and apply the wet sand on the greenware by means of the sponge. (You hold the sponge under streaming water and then you squeeze most of the water out again. You don't want to have a sponge thats too wet!).

  2. Thank you so much Marko! I love your choice of words (mysterious and haunting)! Yes, this piece and also the "No. 23" are pit - resp. barrel fired. The brown ones and the porcelain are el. fired to high temp. The legs are really a huge challange! I have approx. 7 second choices which are all right except of one or two of the legs. They warped in the fire. So out of say 10 made pieces, I can use only 4-6. I must find a better solution for the legs. I want them delicate, but then the fire isn't delicate with them.... sigh. Well, my motto is: never give up!

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