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  1. Here are a few possible questions (I didn't read all the other suggestions, so it is possible that one or the other is already mentioned):

    • are you doing archetypal or traditional forms?
    • have you ever been inspired by Ikebana to do vases?
    • is "history" important in/to your work?
    • what art qualifications do you have?
    • is there a person in your life (doesn't have to be a potter) who influenced you or your work?
    • what does success mean to you?
    • what are the most important design elements?
    • are you using 3-D printers?
    • is your work related to your environments?
    • which of your works gives you the most pleasure when you look at it?
    • are you a member of a ceramics community in your neighborhood/region/country etc.?
    • are there restrictions to the size of your work?
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