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    RuegerPottery19 reacted to neilestrick in What's Your Work Music?   
    I listen to a wide variety of music while working at the wheel. Lately it's been a lot of First Aid Kit. But when I just need to crank out a bunch of pots for an hour, nothing beats Paul Simon's Graceland. It's old school, and it's the prefect energy level for throwing.
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    RuegerPottery19 got a reaction from florence w in Do You Eat Off Your Own Pots Everyday ?   
    I didn't for a long time, although I used my mugs and bowls. Now, my wife and I use pieces that I made, almost exclusively. It is definitely a learning experience and really helps inform my process and functional considerations for each piece. For example, I have a mug of mine that I really love for its hourglass shape and lines. But, it can be a pain to wash out, so I have had to adjust my form some to accommodate an easier cleaning process. 
    I also have lots of seconds, which are really fun to have around. It is a constant reminder of where I have come from and what I have tried! 
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    RuegerPottery19 got a reaction from Roberta12 in New Potter: Advice Appreciated!   
    Hey everyone, I know it has been awhile since I posted, but I have been busily working away on several new lines of pieces, loosely based on the four elements. I have finalized my designs for earth and water, but am still working on fire and air. Anyway, since you guys were so helpful, I thought I would post some images and see what everyone thought. Thanks! 






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    RuegerPottery19 got a reaction from Chris Campbell in New Potter: Advice Appreciated!   
    If this post should go somewhere else, feel free to move it. I figured I would just post it here since I started the thread. 
    Okay guys, here is a new leaf design I have just started experimenting with. The picture on the top was done first and has been glaze fired. I am not super happy with the kind of drab green on the leaves, so I have to keep experimenting with that. I'd love to have a little more pop.   Also, the line through the middle of the leaves was just a reference line for my test piece, so ignore that. I was a little hurried when I did the leaves, but you get the idea. 
    This brings me to the bottom picture, which is a larger greenware piece I just finished with a similar design. However, I have made several modifications. For one, I actually took the time to do the leaves right. Second, instead of doing the stems vertically, I have wrapped them around the piece, to add a sense of movement and visual interest. I feel it works much better than the vertical stems on the mug. 
    1. Do you like the lightly stained rawish clay look in-between the stems? I feel it really helps to make the leaf pattern stand out. But, it isn't completely raw, which was too tan-ish without a light rub of stain. 
    2. What do you think of the design overall, especially the revised version on the greenware piece?
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Apologies for the pictures: Not the best quality

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    RuegerPottery19 reacted to Wyndham in Another Pricing Topic   
    Phil,I understand your calling.I have times when people order Communion sets for newly ordained pastors or simply giving a church a new or  replacement set. Small  churches or congregations might want a small chalice and "salad" sized plate and others more elaborate settings for larger congregations.
    I have learned to gauge the needs and adjust the price as needed for the churches. 
    It seems to me that setting your prices at an affordable range in keeping with other potters works allows you to be on par with your peers and at the same time discount to those who truly would appreciate  a well made piece of your work but at a price that fits their budget . 
    The Apostle Paul worked as a tent maker to support himself and his ministry. He had to be skilled and productive to be competitive even in those times so there is also the scripture that a "workman is worth his wages "
    Remember the price paid for us, not low ball by any measure.
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