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Rueger Pottery began with one small decision. I, Jason Rueger, found myself with a little free time during the fall semester of my senior year(as an English major) and decided to take Ceramics I. Although the full implications of that decision will probably take a lifetime to truly understand, it is clear that I have found something that I truly enjoy and am excited to pursue. With this goal and excitement in mind, I have decided to start Rueger Pottery. 

Ceramics is the first artistic discipline I have found in which I am truly able to fuse both the practical and artistic sides of my personality together. Also, just for the purpose of full disclosure, I am woefully lacking in ability when it comes to the other artistic disciplines I have tried. Before ceramics, the pride and joy of my artistic career was a table-setting I drew for a middle-school art class. Despite the impeccable and undeniable precision and beauty of my shading techniques in that middle-school masterpiece, I have decided it is time to move on to bigger and better things. 

Many of my days seem to be spent analyzing the moments which have already passed or anticipating the experiences and realities to come. Although some amount of such analysis and anticipation is healthy, I often find myself so caught up in these activities that I fail to perceive and appreciate the beauty, tangibility, and struggle of the present. The mountaintops and valleys of my life are generally what I remember most, but much of my existence, and it would seem much of the existence of the average human as well, is shaped and colored by the little moments: sitting down to dinner, enjoying a cup of coffee/tea, washing dishes. 

In some small way, I hope that my pieces will lead those who use them to find some meaning and beauty in the everyday moments of life. As I feel the warmth of the coffee radiating through my mug or see the goodness of slow-grilled chicken and peppered asparagus on one of my plates, I like to think the moment becomes just a bit more alive and inspired. 

I think domestic spaces are often overlooked by artists. That is why I love making what I hope are simple, elegant, and beautiful pieces to be used by people who care for them.

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