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  1. I'm currently attending college and I spoke with my ceramics professor and she said my project is beyond the limitation of the school kilns.
  2. Is there such thing as a non-toxic adhesive that can withstand high temperatures as high as 1000 degree's? I am located in Miami, my neighborhood isn't friend but I am willing to pay an artist to use their large kiln. Annika Svensson's furnace is beautiful! I was considering dividing my project into sections. However, I want the project to look seamless. I still don't know what I could do to attach the pieces together. My biggest problem is unlike those furnaces, I will be placing my food inside the grill and I am afraid of the toxin's would release by the adhesive and into my food during a slow cook (yummm slow cooked ribs!).
  3. I have a project that will be at least 3.5 feet tall. The base of the project is about 2.5 feet and the cover will be at least 1 foot. The diameter of the project will be at least 18inches. Where and how can I find a kiln that will be able to house and fire such a project? I don't want to split the entire project into quarters and glue it back together because I am making a ceramic grill. I don't want the toxin's of the adhesive to seep into my food. Any pointers or advice would be much appreciated.
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