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  1. There is a randal wheel for sale  NOW on potters attic or the Ceramists attic both are facebook for pottery sales sites

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      Mark C.

      I meant this as a PM. -sorry 

  2. Does anyone know of a source for a replacement Randall Kickwheel buckethead? Or a brand of other replacement head that will fit the tapered Randall drive shaft? The Skutt buckethead uses the same bat molds, has anyone tried it on a kickwheel? I'm striking out- the larger companies don't have them replacement bucketheads. Thanks!
  3. Hello, all, I've been trying to track down Hydrocal White in SE Michigan, to use to make plaster bats. I contacted the manufacturer, who sent a list of only four suppliers. After calling around, I have found that Hydrocal is available for purchase (by the individual bag, you don't need to buy a whole skid!) at: Boomer Construction 1940 E. Forest Ave Detroit, MI 313 832-5050 They have a showroom, and the hours are 7-5 M-F. It's hard to find, so I thought I'd share the info. Happy casting!
  4. Thanks for the answers! You've given me a lot to research and consider. I fired the load again this afternoon, adding one switch every half hour. I figured that since I'd already closed the lid on the first run, I could leave it closed from the start this time. This time it went a lot faster: the kiln sitter turned it off after about 3 hours. I'll post tomorrow when it's cool and et you know the results. I'll try that scratch/ tap test and the water test. Witness cones next time, for sure. I'm using student- grade clay and glazes; as I understand it, the kiln doesn't need to go past 05/04 until I try different clay bodies. Until then, I'm having fun re-learning the movements and rhythms of throwing.
  5. Hello, all, I'm new to this forum, and have enjoyed reading and learning from this forum. I haven't seen my situation addressed in another thread, so I'll start this one. I'm wondering how to handle the kiln as I refire a load of underfired bisque. A little background: I am re-acquainting myself with pottery, which I loved when I was introduced to it in high school. Back then (25 years ago?!), I threw some pots and had a grand time, then moved on to other classes. M oldest daughter, in high school herself, loved the ceramics class she took this year, too. I think she used the same kickwheels I did! We bought a kickwheel from a school that had closed, and found an small used kiln (electric, Evenheat) on Craigslist. We've found a great clay and supplies store near us and have been having so much fun. Yesterday I fired a load of greenware using the kiln sitter with mini-cones that I used successfully the one other time I've used the kiln before this time. Because it was a much larger load than I've fired before, the kiln was still on when I went to bed at midnight (it had been about 10 hours by then). I'd set the default "off" switch to twelve hours, thinking that it was overkill since the other very small load I'd done was finished very quickly, only about 4 hours or so. The default switch turned off the kiln while I slept, and the cone in the kiln sitter didn't melt too much, and the kiln sitter was still engaged. I'm not sure how hot it actually got, as I didn't put any witness cones in the kiln. I hadn't planned ahead and made a clay plaque (is this the correct term?) for the cones and I didn't want wet clay to explode in there. I wonder, as I refire the load, do I need to ramp up like usual, with one switch at a time each hour, and the lid propped for a couple of hours? I looked at the pots when the kiln was cool, and while the clay has changed color, it hasn't changed from the dirty gray to bright white that the first load did, so I know it's not "done," and needs to get hotter before I glaze. Thanks for your patience and sensitivity with an enthusiastic dilettante.
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