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  1. Does anyone have info...or links to info bout tissue paper underglaze transfer safety and food safety. I purchased them from a clay supplier...the clerk said under clear they are food safe... The company that sells them said no, but it seemed the person I spoke with didn't really understand me. SO>>>> has anyone tested them? does anyone know? Any more info than what I have, would be appreciated!
  2. Well...I do not like to get out clay in the first few days. I still need to talk about rules and wait until schedules settle- So I usually do drawing activities-creativity stuff, get to know you stuff. 1. Surrealist "Exquisite corpse" drawings- based on the free association game the Surrealist used. Done in groups of four. each student gets a sheet of unlined paper-longer than copy is good but copy will do. Fold it in half, and then fold the half down in half again (four rectangles should be made). Have the students brainstorm a theme-something broad like underwater, or grocery store, pi
  3. Thank you Geezer (these names hehe)! I had thought of Val Cushing but the other 2 have been added to the list.
  4. John...I now get what you were talking about earlier. I am trying to consider impact and the type of lifestory and artwork to most interest my teenage audience. I am really excited to see women will be a significant part of this list. I may have to go to 25....
  5. oh boy...so despite my attempt at checking for typos in the initial post a biggie slipped by. The post title was supposed to read FROM history not "form history". Thanks for the catch- oldlady It has been fixed. So, as I have been researching the names given so far I realize I have to choose between ancient ceramic history and perhaps the past 100 years or so. I can see most of the names given focus on the latter and so shall I. Thank you to all who have sent a name...now to narrow the 40 to 20!
  6. Thanks for the list John! That is a great start. This is a big deficit for me and I am determined to round out my art history for my students. Most of them have not had art since having it every 7 days in elementary school, so Ceramics one does a basic art history talk. I could cry at how small the exposure has been for most of them until high school. This is my next step. As for how contemp. is contemp. and westerns vs. eastern... I was thinking contemporary as currently creating and showing or selling (I have a research project for this). As for location of artist...all names
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Mel and I am a wheel-lover and teach Ceramics at a HS in FL. I am seeking to create a weekly potters talk in my Ceramics 2 and 3 classes at the high school where I teach.(cer. 1 does basic art history each week) I am looking to make a top 20 list of important potters/ceramic artists. Can you all help me by answering this-WHO WOULD YOU WANT FUTURE CLAY ARTISTS AND POTTERS TO KNOW ABOUT? No bounds except I am trying to avoid super contemporary potters (I don't ignore this in class just not part of this idea) (Once I compile a list and make some i
  8. Just an aside...I was letting semi wet works sit in my kiln room to dry before bisque firing them and my Kiln techsaid this was creating too much moisture in the kiln room- which is why the outside metal on the kilns were rusting. Just worth noting!
  9. John- Thanks for the video! I'd like to try a few that way. Anyone else notice his "rib" was a credit card? Awsome!
  10. I can say..(in my experience) Sat gold by amaco is VERY unreliable. sometimes a dark antique looking gold....sometimes dark with a few goldish bubbles. Almost never even gold coverage. Just my experience tho. If you go the lusture route post picks. I am dying to play with them myself! Good luck
  11. Hello! I don't know if you have ad your fill of glaze info but I have used potters choice in my HS classroom for the past 2 years with over 300 students. I probably have more info on them than I have time to type! What seems to be popular about them is they create many effects consistently if you layer them. The website shows some tests for their popular colors: deep firebrick, indigo float and one other..(name evading me now) Sat. gold is a pain..it even says so on their site...but the other metallic have been true to the labels. Blue Rutile has some variation due to thickness so
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