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  1. This bowl looks like the iron from the stoneware is colouring the clear part of the glaze, where the copper has burned out. That's why it's turning that greenish shade. More iron from a darker clay=more green.
  2. Sarah Pike, who did the teapots on the cover of Pottery Making Illustrated 2 (?) issues ago handbuilds everything. I have a mug of hers. It's the teacup size, and I think I paid $40 ish CDN from her last Christmas. As far as I can tell, she has no trouble getting rid of them. They are as nice in person as they are in pictures. http://www.sarahpikepottery.com/pots/yunomi-and-mugs/
  3. Because i mostly do one day shows (still new!) I have a pretty streamlined setup that takes me about an hour. Minimal furniture and a lightweight tent with cinder block weights. Classy, I know. But for one day outdoor shows, fussy isn't the order of the day. Currently working on a design for a 10x10 booth that will have a better look, and an actual budget. Yes, back to mug prices! I can throw about 40-50 mugs working steadily in about 4 hours and attach handles the next day. The clay needs time to set up between. According to Square dashboard, I made 47% of my sales this year off
  4. Look at the last two pages on her sold list, and you'll see what she initially got famous (?) for. I was coming arcross her on Pinterest about 2-3 years ago for that earlier work, and I seem to recall it being priced in the $40 range. Her social media marketing game is indeed strong. Prime example of putting one's product in front of the right audience.
  5. I am converting to the Dark Side for the summer! The gas kiln I work out of is closed for two months, so I will give some dark midfire stoneware a go. Kinda like an artist residency, but at home.

  6. I just got accepted to the largest show I've ever applied to. I'm freaking out a bití ¼í¾‰í ¼í¾‰

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Congratulations Diesel!!

    2. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      Time to make a whole lotta pots!


    3. Roberta12


      Great! Callie! Happy potting!


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  7. Having an attack of nerves over applying to the biggest show I've ever applied to....

    1. GEP


      Only one way to find out what happens. Do it!

    2. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      Thanks guys! Application is in. I did the spring show that the same organizer runs, and I was pleased with the results. The Christmas version has twice the attendance though...hence the nerves.

    3. Min


      Fingers crossed you get in, their loss if you don't!

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  8. I noticed something in the OP's formula that is going to mess with the advice everyone is offering: the OP is measuring by VOLUME, and we all assume weight measurements, because that's ceramic standard. 4% soda ash by volume will look like a different animal than by weight. But I agree that the pieces are likely under fired, and heating and cooling it the way you describe seems highly unnecessary. Re-fire the existing pieces by gradually turning up the heat once an hour or so, being very careful around the Quartz inversion point. Hold until the glaze looks smooth and shiny in the kiln
  9. http://www.fire-keeper.org/fermenting-crocks/ This neat lady does fermenting crocks out of vitreous porcelain.
  10. Are we all glazing this week? I spent most of yesterday in a respirator while waiting for bisque.

    1. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Does underglazing count? ^_^

    2. Roberta12


      I will start tomorrow. yep.


    3. Crusty


      yes, a lot to glaze this week.. 3 20# flower pots for customers and the usual mugs,tea pots, etc.

  11. Oh, Man, there are days! I wrote that at about 11 at night, and I'd had a long day. The cuteness is definitely a survival mechanism.
  12. I threw while pregnant with both my kids. My youngest just turned three today! Be mindful of your SI joint, which is where your pelvis attaches to your spine. Just follow really good back protocols, and leave any heavy lifting to the supportive love of your life. (Not trying to be sexist, but because of your joints loosening, it's waaaay easier to injure yourself than you expect. You will need help, and it's okay.) I took "mat leave" from my studio work for a year, the same as I did from my paying job. With the two kids I got given, it was really difficult to get into the studio for any le
  13. Feeling less amused by spammers if they cut off my access....

  14. Had the "exclusive" pyjama party New Years celebration. Drank wine and watched Marco Polo on Netflix, and analyzed for porcelain,and tile work. #claynerd(face palm)

    1. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      My boyfriend and I had this game we started playing when we got together--we'd go to thrift stores and walk to the section with dishes. He'd point to something and say, "What's that?!" And without skipping a beat, I'd be all like, "Reduction-fired buff stoneware," or "Slip-cast porcelain." He'd laugh so hard and wonder how the heck I could just spit the answers out like that. :D

    2. Callie Beller Diesel
  15. Merry Christmas, everyone. I wish you all Peace and Joy to your hearts.

  16. In a word, yes. That said, too much of anything is still bad. It's just that copper reacts in the body differently than manganese. Too much iron is also not good, but all of them have different levels of volatility, solubility, and levels of use in our biochemistry. What's that saying about poison being in the dose? Borax is used as both a flux and in ant killer.
  17. Getting packed and ready for my sale this weekend. Does anyone else get stage fright for these things?

    1. Tyler Miller
    2. Biglou13


      Yes, I did yesterday, Subconsciously all week,then consciously yesterday. I didn't even finish setting up before I started selling stuff, For a 5 hour show I killed it! I'm sure you will also.!!!

    3. Joseph Fireborn
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  18. I'd love to be a powerful thrower on day Babs! I'm workin' on it! My Husband's last name is Diesel. (Canadian common law for fifteen years. I might not be settled down with him yet, but we've been running around together for quite a while!) Truth? I thought his last name sounded cooler for a potter than my own. For the record, I am Calandra Elaine Beller.
  19. Psst. I'm a girl:) I was just gonna post some images, and there they were already!! I will maybe add that the stencil cost me about $25 CDN, so it's a good value if you'll reuse the image a bunch, and it might not be an untoward cost for something like a wedding gift. It's probably not a good route to go if you're making different words every time, though.
  20. You might be better with china paint, rather than under or over glaze. It's fired on to a very low temperature (relative to ceramics), and it's colour response is similar to watercolours in that you build up layers and the only white you use is the paper (or tile) behind the paint. Same stuff fine china is painted with. Under and overglaze techniques can be tricky on a commercial tile, because what you lay down won't look the same after it's fired, and it takes a fair bit of practice and testing. I know where to find it in Canada, but maybe someone else here can chime in with a source south
  21. I'm trying to find a relatively recent thread where people were talking about adding things to glaze to make it brushable, and things like acrylic medium, glycerine and floetrol were mentioned. Anyone remember which one it

  22. I should know better than to do shows Ina church, no matter how nice the neighbourhood. Sold 3 whole pieces today.

    1. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Noooooo!!! That happened to me last year. Sold NADDA. I was slightly peeved. A lot.

    2. Chilly


      Good job they were "whole" pots, not broken ones. hee hee


    3. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      This is one thing, yes :). All my friends and neighbours are wanting to see the new stuff, so I may just have an impromptu open house, and post a few items on etsy. I have a bigger sale Dec 12-14, and I have better hopes for that one.

  23. I may be about to utter heresy in a ceramics forum but here goes... Don't glaze it. Finish it with wax, or varnish to make it waterproof.
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