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  1. If it's jewelry and glaze fit isn't of utmost importance, glaze to the earthenware clay temperatures. Vitrification isn't *as* big a deal for something you're not eating off of or isn't subject to mild acid or base exposure.
  2. ...and the glaze room never ran out of bone ash! (we need to shine flashlights on our faces to tell these stories!)
  3. The week of August 12-16 (you can scroll down to the correct dates) Naomi Hunt of Bandana Pottery did a very informative series of Instagram posts on how they process their wild clay, and what they do to get it workable. (We can hope she puts it in a more permanent form on her website, but this is what we have at the moment.) You do not need an Instagram account to check out their feed. Click on the thumbnails to view the posts. Instagram.com/bandanapottery
  4. I think the trick to your situation will be to get very specific. A lot of any business numbers will depend to a degree on how you want to structure the business, and what you plan to offer as services/facilities. How much of a business plan have you built so far?
  5. In college there was one clay body we could mix that had an addition of 3.5% red iron oxide. Cleanup after throwing with the stuff looked like a murder cover up, and it easily contaminated anything in the studio. It fired to a beautiful dark purplish brown colour at cone ten, particularly in any kind of atmospheric kiln. It did not take glaze at all well. To get the iron into the clay, you had to add it to the water in the Soldner mixer before adding the other ingredients, or you wouldn't get even distribution. I think adding it to a pug mill wouldn't get the iron incorporated thoroughly enough. I am also unsure of what the exact effect of adding a flux like iron to a clay body would be. Bloating, if too much, maybe? I second Min's recommendation about adding an iron bearing clay. Red Art might work if you can't get the Redstone.
  6. @Peggy Marion If it was me, I’d snap it up, but I already know I like clay. If you haven’t had your first class yet, I’d maybe give the large equipment purchases a pass until you know for sure how you want to work, and how much work you want to make. Kiln choice should be based on your level of output and your need. Exhaust your class and it’s facilities first.
  7. Agreed. Etsy in 2014 was a place that would drive your traffic for you to an extent. That really isn't the case now, with the huge number of users and all the changes that have happened on the platform since then. Driving your own traffic is going to be a necessity regardless of the platform you use now. At this point, I think the smartest thing to do regarding ecommerce is to base your choice of platform on a cost analysis of the volume you expect to sell, and the fees you'd pay accordingly.
  8. If the Big Ceramics Store is physically close to you, I'd ask them if they have a recommendation for an electrician that knows kilns. It sounds like this guy didn't, and didn't want to admit that fact.
  9. I want to say that I think Lee had a good point about having a fun name, though. Whatever you choose, I'm a believer that fun should always be part of clay! I think that if you're making your own things, and marketing the results of your own unique talents and skill set, naming your business after yourself is a sound move, and very advisable. Since you're providing a service, it makes more sense for the name to be a descriptor.
  10. YYC is the airport code for Calgary, so I might not go for that one. Any web search terms are going to hit a city entirely too far away to do much good! I actually agree that Sadie’s Ceramics isn’t the best option, because the name is about you, not about your clients or the activities they’ll be doing. My personal view is that if you’re providing a product or service, it should be about *serving* your customers, and having the entire experience be about them. My inclination would be to find a name that evokes an image of what you want your customers to experience. So at that point, the question becomes who is your target market? A place that caters to kids (birthday parties, summer camp activities, homeschoolers needing art components) is going to have a different vibe than a place who’s main focus is adults who want things like date nights, paint and sip events, brides wanting to customize their wedding party gifts, etc. I’d have a look at your business model, and choose a name that speaks to the customers you are planning to attract.
  11. Aw, I’m sorry your first show was a dud Lee. Your setup does look very well done.
  12. I use so very little cobalt, I'm not even sure anyone would care if I gave it up or not. I use it in increments of 1% or less, so I'm still working on the 250g package of carbonate I bought two years ago. I don't work in oranges or reds because I don't want to expose myself to cadmium, never mind anyone else. I don't care if they're stable enough for my use, someone had to expose themselves to keep me safe. To me, it's not worth it for a few pots. I bought the smallest package of red stain I could 5 years ago, and I can't bring myself to use it much. The yellow stain I do have is praseodymium based. Not sure how rare earth mining practices compare those of cadmium or cobalt.
  13. @Leena, Having looked at the images, I think I want some more information before I suggest a starting point. Pricing is a complicated topic for most of us, and at a glance I don't think comparing your work to, say, the soup bowls I sell at my farmers market is a useful metric. Can you tell me a bit about the show that these pieces are going to be in, and a little bit about your pieces please?
  14. @Chilly, maybe you can help with the above question? @Susanne. if you want make sure to get someone’s specific attention, use the @ and begin typing their screen name. A drop down menu will appear, and you can click on the right person.
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