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    Resident Guinea Pig
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    A hay field in E.Washington
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    Rodents of all kinds (GUINEA PEEGS), lagomorphs of all kinds, walruses, east Asian dragons, elephants, micaceous redart (yumyumyummy), charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, good food (Chinese!!), oldschool NES and SNES games, Chinese and Japanese ink paintings, obnoxious metal music, cute things, geeky comic book stuff, piercings and well-made tattoos.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Guinea Pig. Call me Guinea. ^_^ 


Just a creaky arthritic rodent, trying to get by. My animals are my best friends and my main inspiration; nothing is more precious than fat guinea pig cheeks or twitchy bunny noses.

I've been drawing since I was a toddler, so over thirty years. I first made pottery in 2003 (if you can call it that), and it was really difficult for me--I'm NOT a natural thrower. I had a temper tantrum and got back on the wheel in 2008, and have been there ever since. Sometimes, you just gotta tell the wheel who's boss, huh?


Unfortunately, in the height of my pottery revolution, I got diagnosed with axial psoriatic arthritis. That stinky disease makes creating art pretty difficult for me anymore. I'm a rather stubborn rodent, though, so I still do it. :) (And my fellow forum members yell at me for kicking my own bum too much...all in love, though. ^_^)

New work will be uploaded periodically in my gallery, so check in from time to time for lots of underglazed animal cuteness. <3

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