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  1. I am making the testtiles, but wonder: how many layers of glaze do I apply over the underglaze? I normaly do 3 ?
  2. Thanks Chris, that is the combination I make as well, with a bit of maroccan red on the blush, now to get the glaze right and then the problem must be solved :-)
  3. Hmm that is a good point, one of the glazes I used did contain zinc. I emailed duncan but they replied that they cannot give me advise, was a bit disappointed with that reply because I understood that they have a good advise-board. But the recipes you gave me are a great help, I am going to recalculate them to ingredients I can get here in the Netherlands and see what the difference is with my own standard glazes. The not-zinc glaze is a glaze that works great with my pink stain, but not at all with the ug, so that was a surprise. I was hoping to find 1 glaze to use over the 3 different
  4. Thanks Min for the recipe, I am going to try it. Oldlady, if you could find the recipe for the matte you would make my day!
  5. Thanks for the recipe, Bciskepottery!!! wow, hope it works. The colours I used where lotus yellow, peach and Maroccan red, and the red did indeed turn milky blue. The others just evaporated. According to duncan the colours are all tested to 1240 c7 and passed the test. at the test the colours stayed good. My colours on the not-glazes parts where still great, so the problem must be the glaze. Does anyone have good results in the red / pink / violet range or did I just pick the most difficult ones again?
  6. I have bought some duncan covercoat underglazes and fired some testtiles with 2 types of clear glaze over them, a matte and a glossy. I make my own glazes and used food-safe cone 6 glazes I have not yet had problems with. The colours have dissapeared and changed after firing. What is a good recipe for a cone 6 matte - and a cone 6 glossy glaze for over these underglazes? Marlies
  7. thanks! I wrote them a email, since I live in the netherlands and your day is my night ;-) Now waiting for their answer. If I get it I will post it here, there are probably more people who love pink :-)
  8. Hi, I have been advised that a bodystain is no different as a glazestain and a bodystain can be used as a glazestain and vice versa. I have fired a batch of testtiles with a pink Al-Mn bodystain mixed with 3 tipes of baseglazes I usually use for stains, and the result has been disappointing, with almost no coloration, and not a good melt. I have been trying to find out what went wrong, and found on digital fire a sentence that sais that bodystains normally do not melt appropriately when used as glazestains. I have also found in Matthes that if you use a Al-Mn pink stain you have to use a H
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