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  1. Yes I couldn't attach a pic of my work for some reason. But this is the aesthetic. I'm pouring my colored slip on plaster and then cutting shapes out and placing them in the mold before pouring.
  2. I've been experimenting with using slip cast shapes inside my slip castings but I'm getting bleeding and it's not crisp. I make sure it's moist and I prep my molds. Anyone do this and have some tips to share?
  3. Hello! I am personally a potter who uses cone 6. I am also an elementary art teacher. My kiln is on the first floor and is very small and my room is on the second floor...no elevator. So, when I work on clay with my kiddos I have to go up and down a lot and have ruined pieces this way and also its just such a big job so I want to do single firing. I know the risks and I am quite experienced with clay so I know when I can put pieces in the kiln, I plan at least a 3 week dry period before anything goes into the kiln. My question is when should I have students apply the glaze? In a perfect world it would be at leather hard stage but form what I have read on other forums and groups that bone dry is ideal. that wont work with some of my grade levels as they just don't have the gentleness that is needed to handle bone dry clay. All my clay and glazes for my students are low fire white clay. Suggestions anyone?
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